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We quickly deliver sales talent that exceeds quota, enabling B2B organizations to drive sales and enhance sales team culture..

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Get everything you need to know about hiring the top 10% of sales talent, virtually.   All in easy-to-digest 90 second videos.

Hire Better Sales Talent in <90 Seconds

Video 2: Leveraging Digital Assessment Tools

Video 3: Remote Onboarding Tools

Video 4: Retention Best Practices

Video 5: Team Engagement Strategies

Video 1:  Virtual Interviewing Secrets


Ryan Moore is the Director of Client Services. His 15+ years of experience include helping multi-national companies like Frontier Communications, SAS, SevOne, and Taser build their sales teams.

Chris Currie is a Senior Client Manager. His 10+ years of experience include helping high growth start-ups and scale ups like OYO, Northern Safety, & Valet Living improve their sales hiring & enablement functions.

Anthony MacKay is Senior Team lead for Peak's Core Sales Division. He is an expert on B2B recruiting matters having his insights featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, HR.com, Sales & Marketing Magazine, and HubSpot Sales.

The Virtual Sales 

Hiring Video Series

How to Build Your Team, Without Stepping Foot in the Office.